Unlike any period that Locations has faced, the COVID-19 pandemic hampered face-to-face relationships in real estate services. A strong national and Hawaii-based real estate market enabled Locations to retain its business strength, but at the same time, due to an uncertain future, our leadership has been motivated to analyze the internal and external environment and shape our own destiny.

Rimmed by both the Pacific Asian Basin of countries and the Indo-Pacific region for America’s military strategy, Hawaii remains a strategic theater in socio-economic and geopolitical positioning. Locations’ efforts to improve the quality of life for our residents as well as visitors from abroad can provide Hawaii with an advantageous position in helping the United States play a central role in global affairs. Amidst this important macro perspective, Location’ leadership has identified three key issues that motivated the development of this Strategic Plan, namely,

1. With the sudden changeover of the Board of Directors and CEO of Resco, Inc., there was a clear need to analyze the operations of the company as well as gauge its opportunities to remain competitive in a rapidly-changing technological environment for the real estate industry. To remain viable, Locations needed a clear vision to set the overall direction of the company for our short- and long- term future.

2. An initial analysis of internal operations revealed a need for a collaborative leadership style to strengthen Locations’ executive and management functions. Along with this view, it became apparent that a more streamlined organizational structure was necessary to minimize ambiguity and bring clarity to defined roles of authority, job responsibilities, and accountability.

3. Finally, as an essential ingredient, Locations needed to have a cohesive, high- performing team of professionals to compete effectively. Leadership reviewed the company’s talent base, capabilities, and achievements. This effort gave us a sense of what was needed to attract and retain professionals in all of our departments. We wanted personnel who believed in a collaborative culture with leadership empowerment and a collaborative culture to carry out our vision, mission, and core values with loyalty and dedication.


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⦁ Better Together
⦁ Be Accountable
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