A brief description of what this system is about from a business perspective taken from the ToR/Brief or BRD.

Service Description
High-level description of what this service does. This should include business processes and components used to deliver the business process, and where possible with flow diagram describing the process

What is the business criticality of the application? – Important, essential, core, mission critical

What is the scope of the application? – , Faculty, Departmental, Individual or System
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Data Model
This section should be used to provide a diagram or list of data dependencies and relationships. (E.g. data structure diagram, SOA etc.). Provide URLs to external diagrams where applicable

Reporting should cover the following:

Is the reporting provided within the application or via a dedicated analytics solution e.g. Tableau?
Is reporting performed directly against the transactional database or is data extracted on a regular basis
If extracted on a regular basis provide details of the extract process (e.g. frequency, automation, aggregation, data transformation)
State what the user population for reporting is
State what automated jobs are used to provide reporting including error reporting



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